Justin Kim

Executive Director

Justin Kim is currently a sophomore attending Northwood High School (Irvine, CA). His dream job is to become an entrepreneur, and he takes his inspiration from leaders such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates, who have paved the way for future business leaders to leave a mark on society. By creating this non-profit organization, he wants to help bring change to his community by creating small projects that can tackle different issues that have not been resolved in society. His first step to accomplishing this goal starts with Miracle for Youth, and he strives to continue to achieve this goal throughout his lifetime.

Shaun Baek

Associate Director

Shaun Baek is currently a sophomore at Portola High School (Irvine, CA). With a passion for entrepreneurship, he has been part of many development stages of nonprofit organizations. He believes giving to the less fortunate is a privilege and that through this project, the youth can be more educated and inspired with a goal for a bright future.

Parsa Salahshori-Ardestani

Communications Director

Parsa Salahshori-Ardestani is currently a sophomore at Portola High School (Irvine, CA). His passion derives from wanting to help other people that are not as privileged as him and he gathers inspiration from his grandfather who was a doctor and helped save countless lives in his time. He also wishes to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps to become a doctor, but first he wants to bring change to his community by doing what he can at his age. He will accomplish this by working with his peers in the organization he helped create and make the foundation’s vision a reality.

Nara Park

Marketing Manager

Nara Park is currently a sophomore at Orange County School of Arts (OCSA). She believes that Miracle for Youth Organization is an upcoming nonprofit that serves an amazing cause for raising money. She wants to help underprivileged students receive access to more resources for an equal chance of opportunities. With her marketing skills and experience in volunteering organizations such as National Honors Society and California Scholarship Federation, she wants to spread the message of Miracle for Youth to others.

Executive Board

Yun Seo Lee

Outreach Director

Yun Seo Lee is currently a sophomore at Northwood High School (Irvine, CA). She has a strong desire to demonstrate her leadership abilities through a topic she is very passionate about: helping less privileged students in her community receive the quality education they deserve. She believes that this quality education at an early age can affect the choices the students make throughout their entire life. Her other hobbies include watching movies, reading books along with socializing with friends during her free time.

Aanya Srinivasan

Finance Director

Aanya Srinivasan is currently a sophomore at Bridgewater-Raritan High School (Bridgewater, New Jersey). She has a passion for EdTech and her goals focus around making STEAM education and technology accessible to the youth. She joined Miracle For Youth because she strongly believes in its mission to bring educational opportunities to young children. She wants to be a role model for women and Gen Z in the fields of technology. In her free time, you will find her building and coding robots!

Helena Zhou

Director of Operations

Helena Zhou is currently a sophomore at Northwood High School, and she enjoys swimming, playing the violin, teaching, and writing in her free time. Her goal is to help end cyclical poverty and bridge the gap between students’ needs and their incomes by providing educational resources to underprivileged schools. Through Miracle for Youth, she hopes to give young students outlets for their creativity as well as opportunities in the fields of STEM and humanities.

Erica Yee

Events Coordinator

Erica Yee is currently a sophomore at Northwood High School (Irvine, CA). With the goal of entering the medical field, she has had a strong passion for helping others and believes she can make a positive change to society through this organization. She finds aiding underprivileged schools and improving students’ quality of learning to be extremely fulfilling and believes students helping other students is truly inspirational.

Rohun Durvasula ​

Technology Director

Rohun Durvasula is currently a junior at Portola High School (Irvine, CA). He has a passion for the sciences as well as helping others which is why he joined Steam For All. Through the organization, he grew to become a strong leader and role model. He plans on using the skills he has gained to help out those in need through Miracle For Youth.